Karolina Schmidt

Export manager
Perspex Kft.

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11.40a.m. - 4.15p.m.)
DescriptionPerspex Kft. from Hungary was founded in year 2000.The firm started activity with sales of label printing materials and supplies. Our accuracy and quality in hard work, our customer-oriented mentality and the satisfaction of our partners stimulated our company to develope our service. Nowadays we work with the most modern printing technology and a different type of flexographics machines (like MPS, Gidue, Multipress etc.). We can priovide all kind of self-adhesive labels,shrink sleeve foils,wine labels,sealing foils and flexible packaging. We can without any problem serve  the fields of food industry,chemical industry, electronic industry  etc. We invested and built a new warehouse next to our factory and we also have our graphical designer group to give a wider range of service to our partners.
Organization Type Company
CitySzentlőrinc7940, Külterület 0149/9 Google map
Areas of Activities



    Manufacturing various kinds of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging

    Self-adhesive labels
    Wine labels
    Various hanging labels
    Shrink sleeve films
    Closure film
    In-mold labels
    Laminated labels and transparencies
    Flexible packaging (mono,duplex,triplex foil)
    Printing on both sides of the base material