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DescriptionThe Greencargo is a self propelled muck-compost spreader. 
Equipped with a front loader, the GreenCargo is able to load 30m3 of compost or muck within 5 minutes, to transport it to the fields and to spread it.
We are looking to develop partnership with agroholding and farms or others compost specialists to improve the affordable usage and spreading of compost and muck as organic fertilizer.

Another project is the production of biochar as soil improver. 
Organization Type Producer, Company
CityNivelles1400, Avenue Reine Astrid, 6 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture machinery and equipment

    Renewable energy


      Biochar production

      Our company is promoting a model of biorefinery (Belgium). The project is at his early development stage.
      We are working with mature technologies able to convert different kind of biomass into valuable intermediates:
      - pyrolisis oil for energy
      - biochar for energy but preferably to be used as soil improver or additive for animal feed.
      More than 50 applications are already identified for biochar inclusive the biochar as filtration material for water treatement, protection of watershed versus nitrates,..by ploughing biochar in the soil.

      Keywords: Biocharsoil improverorganic farmingwater treatement
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation
      2. License agreement
      3. Investment/Financing
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Technical co-operation
      2. License agreement
      3. Manufacturing agreement
      4. Sales / Distribution

      Partnership for compost spreading

      The GreenCargo is a self propelled muck or compost spreader. Developed 3 years ago, the GreenCargo is now in operation in Belgium since 2013.
      It has ended its second year of operations, gaining more customers and more technical updates.

      We are looking to open the co-operation with local organic fertilizers company or farmers to operate the GreenCargo.

      The spreading cost is about 3,5-4€T (excluding the price of the raw material).
      Based on spreading contracts with local customers, we are able to finalize a co-operation agreement for the local use of the GreenCargo by the partner(s) and to secure the financing.

      Keywords: muck spreadercompos spreaderbiomass
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Investment/Financing
      2. Technical co-operation
      3. Outsourcing co-operation
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Sales / Distribution
      2. Technical co-operation