Juraj Nagy

School Farm Búšlak

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11.40a.m. - 4.15p.m.)
DescriptionIn Slovakia, we were the pioneers in the field of ecological agriculture. Due to the lack of local experience ( mainly in livestock farming and producing milk of organic quality) we have set main ways of work on our own, primarily the methods meeting requirements of ecological agriculture have been employed. Farming is focused on agriculture and livestock farming within the system of ecological agriculture. One of the main activities of the company is the lessons of agricultural practice provided for the pupils of Secondary School of Agriculture and Food in Dunajská Streda. Educating a new generation in the field of ecological agriculture together with the opportunity to do organic farming at the School Farm Búšľak uniquely combines the theory and practice of organics in Slovakia.
Organization Type Company
CityBúšlak, 929 01 Veľké Dvorníky Google map
Areas of Activities

Applied science and research

    Innovative technologies in organic agriculture

      Partnership cooperation in EU founded projects