Mladen Jagodić

Ripe Fruit Farm

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11.40a.m. - 4.15p.m.)
DescriptionRipe Fuirt Farm orchard covers an area of ​​133 acre. The area of 94 acres contains most beautiful assortment of apple trees, while the remaining 39 acres is home to sweet cherries trees. An integral part of the "Ripe Fruit Farm" is a cold storage plant . The capacity at disposal for the storage and processing of fruit and vegetables is 2000 tonnes under the ULO storage regime (Ultra-Low-Oxygen) and 1000 tonnes in the sub zero regime with the tunnel for quick freezing. There is also the equipment for the calibration of fruits and vegetables, which has the capacity to sort them using three different criteria- by colour, weight and size.
Organization Type Company
CitySelenča, M.Tita 1a Google map
Areas of Activities

Organic Food and drink Producers