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DescriptionThe company "Jovanjica" is completely dedicated to the production and distribution of organic food and other products in this field. Our mission is to provide full support to producers who have decided to be professionally engaged in organic farming. The range of our products and services is designed to encompass all phases of organic production from the purchase of certified seed to product placement to the final customer. We offer: - Certified organic seed for more than 1,000 different plant species - Organically produced seedlings - Professional products for organic production plants (plant protection, fertilizers, biocides, soil improvers, plant enhancers) - Tools and machinery intended for organic agriculture We also offer: - Consulting services in all phases of organic production - Contractual cooperation with a guaranteed purchase of manufactured goods
Organization Type Company
CityBelgrade, Molerova 39 Google map
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Organic Food and drink Producers

    Organic Food and drink Traders

      Organic seeds and planting material