Vera Čelić

Acting Director
Agency for Regional Development of AP Vojvodina ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11.40a.m. - 4.15p.m.)
DescriptionThe Agency for Regional Development of AP Vojvodina (ARD) Ltd. was established in 2013 as the legal successor of the Agency for Balanced Regional Development of AP Vojvodina and the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies - CESS (established in 2004). The ARD was founded with the aim to develop scientific capacities to perform high quality applied socio-economic research as inputs for regional development planning and policymaking and also to raise absorption capacities of the region by applying to and managing EU funds. The ARD’s area of expertise covers the field of the regional development (research and planning economic and social aspects of the regional development, economic forecast, labour market analyses, sector studies and policy recommendations) and EU integrations (economic forecast, trade analysis, FDI location attractiveness).
Organization Type Governement
CityNovi Sad, dr Zorana Djindjica 1, III Google map
Areas of Activities

Organic Food and drink Producers

    Applied science and research

      Innovative technologies in organic agriculture

        Partnership cooperation in EU founded projects