Vladimir Perovic

Sales and marketing manager

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11.40a.m. - 4.15p.m.)
DescriptionThe main activity of our firm is the cultivation of red Californian earthworms, production and sales of high quality organic humus - organic soil enhancers (natural fertilizers), organic substrates and other organic products that will enable consumers to gain high-quality and cost-affordable products that are in compliance with the principles of organic agriculture. Striving to offer our customers products that are in compliance with the principles of environmental protection and organic farming has led our products to the List of registered plant nutrition products , soil improvers and organic substrates, that are allowed to be used in organic production. This list is officially approved by Plant Protection Administration, the Ministry of Agriculture and environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.
Organization Type Company
CityApatin25260, Ulica Rade Koncara 43 Google map
Areas of Activities

Organic fertilizer