Aleksandra Karan

Manager assistant
Vojvođanski klaster organske poljoprivrede

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11.40a.m. - 4.15p.m.)
DescriptionVojvodina’s cluster of organic agriculture is an association with goal to increase innovation, efficiency and sustainability of organic agriculture in Vojvodina province. This cluster activities are reflected through the development of new initiatives, exchange of information, marketing and creating network. The aim of the cluster activity is to achieve favorable conditions for development of innovative activities and operations of all cluster members. Cluster actions will result in increased production areas, better marketing and storage of organic products, establishment of new standards and rules, as well as their application in the field of production and marketing of organic food and protection and conservation of the environment. The objectives of the Association are: • collaboration with same, or similar type of organizations, institutions and fonds on organic production issues • support to members by providing technical assistance in raising funds for the implementation of development projects from different foreign and domestic funds • to provide unique information system for members, their own needs and organic product customer`s needs • initiating, encouraging and publishing professional publications and advertizing • organization of conferences, seminars and similar activities that aim to encourage production, processing and consumption of organic products.
Organization Type Cluster
CityNovi Sad21000, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 28/1 Google map
Areas of Activities

Organic Food and drink Producers

    Organic Food and drink Traders

      Organic seeds and planting material

        Protective Equipment in organic agriculture

          Organic fertilizer

            Agriculture machinery and equipment

              Applied science and research

                Innovative technologies in organic agriculture